Tuesday, September 18, 2007

50 Top Money Keywords

50 Top Money Keywords

PageRank Tools has compiled a list of 50 keyword phrases related to SEO or “search engine optimization” that PageRank Tools would consider to be the top “money words”. For various reasons, including the fact that people searching for these keywords have brought me traffic and “conversions”, I’ve have kept these search engine marketing keywords a little “close” to my heart. But I've decided to release the list and hope everyone enjoys it. To make it a little easier to post this list, I’ve decided to post it in a few parts. Here is the first part of the list, in no particular order.:

search engine advertising
search engine marketing
search engine optimization
search engine optimization seo
search engine optimization services
search engine optimization software
search engine placement
search engine positioning
search engine promotion
search engine ranking
search engine rankings
search engine submission
search engine submissions
search optimization
seo agency
seo company
seo consultant
seo friendly
seo guide
seo help
seo marketig
seo optimization
seo program
seo ranking
seo rankings
seo report
seo search engine

Keep in mind that I have used these SEO-related keywords for different purposes at different times, but have always used them during a PPC campaign or even as a reference when I’m writing SEO articles, or even just body copy for a search engine optimization website. Such as PageRank Tools.

I find that when someone searches for one of these keyword phrases, they’re looking for more information about search engine optimization and want either more information about it or they are looking for SEO-related services.

There are many ways that this keyword list could be helpful to you if you’re a search engine marketer. The obvious use would first be to use it in a PPC (pay per click) campaign. You could also use these keywords if you were a trying to sell search engine optimization services on your own site: integrate these keywords into title tags, meta tags, and, of course, the body copy. You could also go through the list and write a definition of each one and create a site based on seo (now, theres a great quick way to put together a seo related blog!).

The second part of the list follows below. seo service

seo services
seo software
seo solutions
seo strategy
seo target marketing
seo techniques
seo technology
seo tips
seo tool
seo tools
seo training
seo website
seo site builder
seo website builder
top search engine ranking
web optimization
web seo
website seo
website optimization
increase traffic
increased traffic
increase website traffic
affordable seo
organic seo

Another use might be to add your location (e.g., New York seo service) to search for someone near you who performs these services. The possibilities are endless. Good luck, have fun with this list.

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