Sunday, September 16, 2007

Internet Marketing - How To Become Fulltime Right Now

if you are willing to put in the work and invest in the knowledge Internet Marketing can prove to be a very profitable endeavor. In fact it can replace your fulltime job in no time. Working part time on your internet business can drastically increase the time it takes to become successful. Below I have provided steps you can follow to quite your job and work fulltime from home.

The transition is not an easy one. You will not be paid hourly or on a monthly salary. In fact you really have no idea how much you are going to earn each day online. Sales fluctuate daily, which is a main reason many people are afraid to take that fulltime plunge into internet marketing.

Before you actually take that plunge there a few calculations you need to make. Calculate how much you make at your current job. Translate that into how much you make per day, and then per month.

After that you need to calculate how much it takes to sustain your type of living. Factor in your bills, mortgage, etc. Translate that into a monthly total and how much per day. (Divide it by 30).

Your primary goal is to make enough to cover how much you made at your previous job. The second calculation is how much you MUST earn online every month to survive.

Now that you know how much you need to make, you have to find out how to make it. I suggest creating an info-product such as an "how-to" ebook. If you haven't already you need to. If you are unsure how to create an ebook there are a few guides online you can check out.

The goal is to find out how you really REALLY make money online.

Selling information is one way to do it.

After your sales page is up you want to focus on making enough sales everyday to match what you made at your fulltime job everyday.

It honestly isn't as hard as it seems. Once you start making one sell per day, just keep doing what you did to make the one sale, but more of it to generate more sales.

I used this method to convert my internet marketing efforts fulltime, and haven't looked back sense. So work hard and follow the above steps to quit your day job and work from home fulltime

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