Wednesday, July 30, 2008

do you know the way to SEO top ranking heaven?

do you know the way to SEO top ranking heaven?

If your pet friendly business has a website, you need search engine optimization aka SEO to attract traffic. Every single day, people seek businesses like yours on Yahoo, Google, AOL and other search engines. They are looking for websites with the information that they need. They want to find your product or service. You can receive hundreds, thousands, even millions of clicks and views aka traffic and sales from keyword searches IF you have the correct keywords on your website in the right places and if your site is at the TOP of the search results. Let’s say one of your popular keywords is doggie daycare. To be number one, you gotta hire an SEO Expert.

But every dog and their mother claim they’re the top SEO experts of the Internet universe. How many back up their claims with proof ? With SEO, you either get what you want, top ranking or you’re wasting your time, energy and money. SEO is not taught in school and it’s a complex subject so how do you know where to go and what to do?

You can find SEO experts who have experience, top ranking, are featured in national publications such as Enterpreneur and Inc and a great client list. In other words, people who walk their talk. Experts who can get you quality inbound links, listed in directories, and much more. At the top of the search results, life is something to woof about.

And if you would like to get featured in national publications such as Parent magazine like Linda Hecht a recent client of mine, and newspapers and blogs, let me know. Declare yourself a media top dog and you will get the gravy, treats and groovy new toys. Just ask my girl Cici, she gets all the attention and treats she wants just by being a cute, lovable, sweet girl and by showing off her belly at the drop of a hat. She’s accessible and her adoring fans love her for her puppy kisses. You too can reap the rewards by learning how to write press releases that get published and promoting your business with top notch SEO and publicity.

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