Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SEO Toolbar Add-On

SEO Toolbar Add-On

SEO Design Solutions has introduced the SEO Marketing 1.0 IE Toolbar. The Internet Explorer Add-on is a basic toolbar for internet explorer that allows you to stay tuned to the SEO, SEM, SMO and social media communities.

They put together their knowledge of software, SEO Tools and optimized templates, putting together a basic internet explorer toolbar with links to a variety of online resources, pit stops and blogs pertaining to SEO, SMO, SEM and Internet Marketing.

It features a bunch of links to top sites, useful social media sites and allows you to browse hundreds of RSS feeds while listening to music. They claim that this is “just a warm up,” promising real SEO tools in development for competitive analysis coming shortly.

No worries for Firefox users, as they’ve already noted that they “will have to do the same [for Firefox] and release a few add ons.”


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