Saturday, September 8, 2007

Top 10 Tips to Optimize Your Web Site

Top 10 Tips to Optimize Your Web Site

1. Title Tag - The TITLE tag of your Web site sets the tone for your whole web page. The placement of keywords within the title is one of the biggest factors in determining a Web sites score in many search engines.
2. Body Text - Your BODY text is very close to being as important as your TITLE tag. For the best results concentrate on no less then 300 words per page. Keeping in mind that you need to use those important keyword phrases throughout your body text.
3. Research Keywords - Create a list of the most relevant keyword phrases for your site. Then choose a few different ones for every page. You should never choose keywords that are general they are rarely used by themselves.
4. Check for Design Problems - Does your site use Frames, Flash, JavaScript, Image Maps or Dynamic URL's? Unfortunately any one of these design elements can confuse the search engines spiders. Would you like to learn how to approach all of these design issues be sure to sign up for a 5-Day SEO Workshop!
5. Keywords - Due to the high amount of competition for general keywords you may need to change your mind set and think of "long tail keyword phrases" (2 to 3 word phrases).
6. Hyperlinks - Try to include your most important keyword phrases within the hyperlink text.
7. Incoming Links - When choosing sites to link to be certain to only choose those sites that are industry related
8. Use a Robots.txt File - Include a robots.txt file at the root of your Web site.
9. Create a Sitemap - Every page of your Web site should be linked to your site map. This allows web crawlers and your visitors to quickly and easily find content on your site.
10. Don't Spam the Search Engines - The key to successful search engine optimization is to always keep to proven techniques not trends. Follow the advice of SEO Professionals.

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