Sunday, September 9, 2007

Website Optimization For Search Engines

When Internet was tightening its grip over the marketing field, Yahoo was the undisputed king of search engines. But when Google came into being, it became far more popular than the others because of its precise search engine techniques. Today, more than 30% of Internet users take Google into account as it gives you better results than the other search engines. All three major search engines namely Google, Yahoo and MSN, have different algorithms for ranking high in their lists. Ranking high in all three is not an easy, if you rank good at one of the search engine than it doesn't ensures that you would rank well in the other.

Performing SEO for all three search engines is not an easy job at all, it was thought that those pages which having nice rankings on Yahoo, were not ranking high on Google. This lead the SEO companies think that both the search engines had totally opposite algorithms. Hence, when they tried to optimize the sites for both, their sites were nowhere on the rankings in any of the search engines.

This is for sure that both search engines have a constantly changing and different algorithm for ranking these sites, and it is not publicly available by any of the author. Of all the differences, the keywords in the title and URL are most important. If your site contains keywords at these two places you have a sure shot position on the first page of these search engines. Similarly, keyword density is very important, the higher the density more better for your sites. But this can pose a problem for you on Google, because if you want to rank high with this philosophy, your site may soon be banned at Google.

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